Bus concessionary pass is a privilege

Tammy Tan of SBS Transit replied in a letter to the media that concessionary pass is a privilege. So no pass just pay adult fare. Is the running of public transport a privilege or a right of bus companies? Why do we need humans instead of running everything by unthinking computers or robots? This is the kind of Singaporeans that we are creating. The unthinking kind that just work by following the book. A very good example of such Singaporeans are the security guards. Because of the terrorist threat, all the guards are told to check for pass. No pass no entry even if he knows who you are, that you greet him or he greets you every morning. Another stranger who picks up a pass and wears it on his chest will be allowed into a building with no question ask. He got a pass. But then, we cannot expect Singaporeans at all levels to have the thinking ability. Thinking too much is dangerous.


Anonymous said...

very true and prevalent in singapore. Seems singaporeans very mechanical.

Anonymous said...

Whether it is a right or privilege depends on who you are. Just like legal and illegal gambling - still betting on the same thing.