Are we in a sorry state now?

‘We can’t have a situation where we protect you even from yourself. If the entire population needs to be protected from their own choices, then we will be in a very, very sorry state in the future. “My own sense of it is Singapore is now a much more mature society and, generally, the vast majority of Singaporeans can be trusted to make up their own minds, exercise their choices and act responsibly. “The fundamental question is, are we ready as a society to let people make choices of their own, take responsibility for their actions and face the consequences?” Minister for Community, Youth and Sports, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan during the debate on the casino issue. Obviously many in the cabinet did not agree with Vivian that Singaporeans are mature enough to take care of themselves. That is why their CPF money must be kept for as long as possible, with some left behind after they are dead, for safe measures. Just in case, just in case. Now are we in a sorry state now?


Anonymous said...

We wont be in this sorry state if we are in say thailand becos the life expectancy there is only abt 72.5 years. Our longetivity is an issue which if left unmanaged could become a nightmare for us in the near future. The good thing is we wont have this longetivity problem if the standards of our food and water supplies are tainted like in the other countries. Perhaps the hawker cleaners are lowering the hygiene standards at our food stalls to help us settle this issue.

redbean said...

i need some figures on those who are kept alive by machines and are above 80 in order to get a good comparison.