Another Korean shot and more to come

So, the politicians are still riding on their high horses to let the balance 21 to be shot? Pity the mothers of these idiots. Mothers should not bear children that are as stupid as these Koreans. And anyone who thinks he is full of compassion and wants to lead any bunch of stupid people to a war torn country must first be shot.


Anonymous said...

this is like a game of chess. ardent volunteers play chessmen.

Anonymous said...

The feelings of the parents of these Korean hostages must be traumatic and we must pray that no more are killed.

However, I agree it is stupid of these people to venture into a war torn country knowing the dangers.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Video? Where's the video? Where's the entertainment??

Throughout history, Christians have been killed for sheer entertainment of the masses.

These Taliban are doing less than perfect a job. Come, let us complain and demand better standards!

When the Romans killed Christians, they had CLASS — there was torture — whippings, then feeding to the lions, or crucifixion.


redbean said...

the talebans may not have that much class. but they have the attention of the whole world. they are famous, or infamous.

Anonymous said...

redbean said...
what's happening huh? matilah is here?

no lah, after all of you expressed your disgust he has taken your points and have not be so directly abusive.

may peace be upon him.

may the force be with you.


August 06, 2007 4:17 PM