America has started a war with China

Human rights, yuan revaluation, now poison paint, micro magnets etc are but the tools of an economic warfare. The Americans have fired the first shot and China is hurt. The damages are in hundreds of millions and bad publicity, lost of confidence and market etc China will have to react. China will need US$ to pay for all the losses. China will start to dump US bonds to pay for the losses. And the war will escalate. This is another front, other than the Middle East and Afghanistan that the Americans are opening. Fight on America. The righteous shall win. God will bless America.


Anonymous said...

it has become the obvious that america is now really desperate to adopt this course of action. discernible eyes all over the world can see.

nobody can go against mother nature who has decided not to favor the naughty boy anymore.

Anonymous said...

CNA has been repeating the issue of Chinese Toys news for about a week. Same with the cardboard in bun controversy. Compare this to the recall of Laptop batteries, Japanese or American cars etc and you noticed the difference - they don't broadcast it for a whole week. The reason is abvious. Put China down whenever possible, and the lackeys and poodles obey the American command.

redbean said...

the best part is that they sent their factories to china to exploit cheap labour but whacked china for cheap labour.

and aren't the products like small magnets part of their design? the paint job is china's fault and caused the life of the factory owner who was cheated by his friend.

nokia recalling batteries as well. and dell did that before. what about faulty car parts? thought some branded cosmetics problems.

Anonymous said...

made in china canned food collecting dust on the shelves

Matilah_Singapura said...

Markets adjust, and market players adjust too.

To stay in the "game", Chinese business practices will improve. Sure it'll take some time to woo back customers, and some customers may never return—that's life.

But one thing is for certain: the market economy revolves and evolves from DEMAND. As long as humans DEMAND goods, and there are suppliers for those goods, there'll always be production and exchange.

The latest "discoveries" about Chinese commercial practices are no surprise to those who already knew what was going on in China and adopted CAVEAT EMPTOR as a constant reminder that ultimately no one is responsible for your safety and satisfaction of a market good than YOURSELF. In other words:

No one forces anyone else to buy any good in the free market.

And thus the best way to "punish" dishonest firms is to stop buying their produce.

Anonymous said...

he is right, china goods are out for now. war or not, nobody want the risks of getting cancer or lead poisoning.