38% return per annum since 2002

Who can match such a sterling performance by Temasek? Wealth added is $23 bil and net value of portfolio from $129 bil to $164 bil or $35 bil added. Thus the 38% return should be somewhere between $23b and $35b. Is it reasonable to say that for the last 5 years, 2002-7, the average return from investment is about $25b times 5 or $125b? Now this number may look too big. How about a ballpark figure of $100b? And this would mean that in 2002, the net portfolio was only $64b. Reasonable? Just guessing. Not going to crack my head on this.


Anonymous said...

Again confusing the confused.

TuraiKiller said...

To achieve that result in Singapore is pretty much simple b'cos of power corruption & monopolised of local markets, s'porean are force to pay every damn thing increases as they like b'cos answerable to share holders & everyone knew who are they.
So those so called extra-ordinary people & do them need to work hard to achieve that sterling performance. Basically, we people are working damn hard like a slave to fulfil their super big & never ever enough appetite. Look at after GST, leaders & servants pay, PUB & now transport are asking again since 1998 crisis till now do they ever stop to increase even oil prices decreased.