who are the real forum letter writers?

One interesting thing that came out from the NFK Showdown recently is the number of ghost letters, or letters written by people other than the names on the letters, appearing in the MSM forums. Now we got to be very cynical and sceptical about public opinions when even the names of the writers can be forged. And people complained that bloggers or netizens used anonymous or nicks. What is so different when names purported to be the real writers were not the real writers. Truth can be stranger than fiction.


nofearSingapore said...

I am just as surprised by the goings on by Durai and gang with respect to the "ghost writers".

Of course whenever my letters were published in the forum pages of Straits Times and Today, they were bona fide ( genuine) letters.

However only in 2 instances did the SPH/Today staff call to verify who I was. My name/NRIC/address and contact numbers were of course always for them to check.

Now I know it was easy to snook them.

But I am sure they would be most careful from henceforth.


redbean said...

it is not easy for the msm to curb on this as people with intention to mislead will find a way to do so.

it is surprising that those people would be so audacious to do such things. unbelieveable for corporate ethics to be thrown into the gutters.