what is poor?

Newsweek last week succinctly asked a question that is in the mind of many people: “The island's economy is booming. So why are so many citizens worse off than they were 10 years ago?” The cause is a rising level of poverty and a stagnating middle class income in the past five years – while costs have gone up – all of which had raised fears that crime would dramatically worsen. The above is posted in www.littlespeck.com by Seah Chiang Nee. What our economists need to do now is to redefine the poverty line in Singapore. What is poor in Singapore is technically rich in many countries. And this has misled many to think that the lower income group who has a household income of $2k or $3k are alright. In reality, many are in a worst dilemma than the poor of underdeveloped countries. Those poors only did not have enough to eat but could live off the land. The Singapore poors are all in debts, huge debts.


Anonymous said...

Ya lah, so you get a job, big deal and two even, then wat.. u don't have a life... every dollar gained has gone to the expenses, that's the reality! Haiz... got a frend who related this encounter... notice there's alot of house callings for sale or surveys requested (on the streets too)... wi the survey, they'd ask u lotsa questions then come the gist.., what's your monthly income... oh, our quota only aimed at this amount, sorry for disturbing u.... what the ass r they doing surveys.. wat survey? Everything's about money... where got poor?!

Elfred said...

So what we have the poverty line redrawn?
If the gahmen knows what to do, we don't even need the poverty line.
SIgh... Probably too late to say anything.
Just our luck we encounter such 'talents'.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It is IMPOSSIBLE to be poor in a place where the economy is developed to such a sophisticate level.

Most people are much better off now than they were 10, 50, 100 years ago and we have CAPITALISM to thank for that.

Granted, a few folks may feel that they are earning less, but earnings alone are not a measure of wealth, or happiness.

Many people are in debt too — trying to have their cake and eat it. I'm willing to bet that most people who complain about "not having enough money" are terrible financial managers, and that they are in debt too.

I am also not surprised that when a story of "economic hardship" is told, a great deal is conveniently left out — to make a case for State interference — i.e. the formation of a Welfare State.

If you want something, you have to go out and EARN it. Having a welfare state allows you to have it without earning it — simply vote in a government, and they can relieve the productive people of their property (by taxation) and hand it over to the losers, moochers, and lazy bums — for example the public intellectuals tenured at the public universities.

redbean said...

just because everyone is better does not mean that we can forget about the few dropouts. as we climb every steps upwards, we should keep on climbing and not to say we have climb so high so lets sit down and rest.

as a private individual, one can say 'I first.' but govt cannot do that. or at least they must pretend not to do that.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If the government came to the rescue of every hard-luck case, the freedom of the people will be thrust into grave danger.

The people should be LEFT ALONE to work out their problems among themselves — no coercion, no compulsion.

But, it is entirely up to the citizens — on an individual level. If they don't want to help each other, so be it.

The standard of society is an illusion. Humans are independent in their thinking and actions. No one can offer any solid PROOF to the claim that:

"If you don't help people less well-off than you, then you are immoral and evil".

To those reading and writing about "the govt should help the poor" I say to you:


If you feel that strongly about helping the poor, get the fuck off the internet, sell or give away your computer, cancell your ISP account.

Then Get Off Your Arses and show the rest of us "contented" folks, that you have the balls and the guts, and the intelligence and the PASSION to do what you have thought is important to •=> YOU <=•

I know what is important for •=> ME <=•, but that doesn't concern any of you, or anyone else for that matter.

someone said it a long time ago, and it is so true:

Mind your OWN business,

and I'll add:

Stop Being A CRY BABY!

Anonymous said...

YES live the life of an uncaring selfish individual elitism n fuck own self good, man is NEVER a social animal... there is a difference between uncontentment in helping out and creating an environment to self help... all things induce cause n effects even some r unexplanable... fuck your cock sure entrenched mind...

Matilah_Singapura said...

Of course man is a social animal, you cum stain. But he is a social animal motivate by his own self-interest — like you are when you posted that silly comment.

No one has the right to claim the property of another.

Poverty is not, and can never be a legitimate excuse for THEFT.

And if you feel so strongly about helping the less fortunate, get the fuck of the net and show the world the stuff you say you're made of.


redbean said...

i will only agree with your position, matilah, if the govt does not collect all the taxes the way it does.

like it or not, too much money have been collected and we are deep into being a welfare state. officially, $600 million has been pumped into comcare. in addition we subsidise health, education, housing, entertainment, etc, we even have social welfare.

the govt takes, the govt gives. it is the right of the people to demand welfare when the govt takes so much.

but if the govt takes only a minimum, if the govt has enough only to keep a small govt, then the people has to fend for themselves.

the formula in singapore is, what do you, the people, want? or what i think the people want. then i will give. but before i give, i must take from somewhere


Anonymous said...

One can keep talking cock of how gov here care for us when indeed they care about getting money from us. Why did our president get millions of dollars in salary and also the rest of "useless" ministers including the PM ??????

Doing thing to care for us is one effective ways to dig money from us asset-rich but totally poor Singaporean.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, I don't care if you agree with my position or not. I don't get on the internet to seek "validation" for my opinion. I get my ego stroked everyday, I don't require any more — just bear that in mind for the future ;)

The govt has to tax, in order to fund itself. If there is a State in place, then it is perfectly "legal" to tax — as much as they want, for any reason they want.

But you already know what I think should be done to The State — I'll repeat myself for the benefit of those who may not know:

REMOVE the State ENTIRELY. Privatise the ENTIRE territory — so that The People really own their own country, and ALL its resources and assets.

The only fair taxes are voluntary "taxes". There can never be such a thing as a "good" tax.

redbean said...

hey matilah,

what makes you think that i agree with you on this? my agreement is conditional. and what makes you think that i need to stroke you? your ego getting into your head again huh?

my condition will never be satisfied and thus i will not be able to agree with you on this.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Believe and agree or disagree whichever way you choose.

I don't care.;)

Anonymous said...

man is NOT a social animal, you cum messy stain. But he is a social animal because he is motivated by his own self-interest to engage in his egoistic obnoxiousness blabblings — like you are when you posted that silly counter-comment.

no one has the right to claim the property of another? talk to ur staff... their rights are yours for the taking, so quit being noble. small fish eats big fish!

Poverty is not, and can never be a legitimate excuse for THEFT. Being rich is?

And if you feel so strongly about helping the less fortunate, get the fuck of the net and show the world the stuff you say you're made of. i have done things w/o ur pretentious blabberings... putting words into others' mouth make for u an oxymoron!!! Thank you. treat people the way they asked to be treated... so fuck yourself good with ur psuedo MS.

Matilah_Singapura said...

to anonymous 2:04 —

What are you talking about? I get the feeling from your post that you disagree with me somewhat. However, your poor command of English, leaves me confused.

Might I add, for the benefit of my audience:

If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read English, thank a soldier.

Anonymous said...

why feel? if u had been objective... I do not have anything against u... tis ur language used earlier... thank a teacher, thank a soldier... for ur having problems understanding?... btw, never did I claim good English, therefore u need not disguise ur intelligence or ur command of the language...