Too much government

This is a favourite theme of Matilah Singapura. Too much govt is bad. In a way I agree. When there is too much govt, the space for private individuals and private enterprise shrinks. This is especially true in business. The govt, no matter how fair it portends to be, is still the govt. It has power, monopoly, huge resources etc on its side. And better still, it has all the supertalents to pit against the Ah Bengs and Ah Sengs, the Ahmads and the Muthus. No fight. The field is not level. On the other hand, too much govt means more jobs. More work will be created for more people. More money needs to be spent from the govt's coffer, and more taxes surely. There are pros and cons for having too much govt. Will too much govt create more jobs and leading to more employment? Or will too much govt leads to having a few people wearing plenty of hats and getting several salaries and becoming overpaid? And the people made to pay for more taxes? Too much govt is a good reason to justify for more taxes, more GSTs. What is important is that the money collected must be spread around and benefit the people and not a few individuals. Preferably private enterprises are preferred to create and generate demands for goods and services and not the govt. For private enterprises are subject to true market forces and the demands generated are really needed by the consumers and not forced upon the consumers. And the consumers will pay a fair price and also have the choice to buy or not to buy.


Matilah_Singapura said...

To those who do not know, the reason my nick is "matilah singapura" is because I believe the govt (state) of Singapore is going to choke the life out of the country (the people) of Singapore.

We're almost there folks! Only a decade or two left to go, and S'pore will be entirely an absolute state, and The People will no longer have a country left.

To claim that my recurring theme is about "too much government", it not seeing the BIG picture.

My "schtick" on the forums and in the blogs are about LIBERTY & FREEDOM — the real deal — INDIVIDUAL freedom and the INDIVIDUAL'S natural right to own PROPERTY.

Government might be to some a "necessary evil" or a "necessary good" for the "correct function of society".

I disagree.

People can produce wealth (which is what life is all about) without the need to be FORCED to do so — by voluntary cooperation.

Every government since the beginning of time, has fucked over the people of the country they're supposed to protect.

redbean said...

many govt started by promising and fighting for the people. then along the way this is forgotten.

Matilah_Singapura said...

From Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra ( a must-read to those interested in politics and the DIFFERENCE between State and Country)

The State is a Lie (scroll down to 1.11: The New Idol)

Until you grasp that, and have the single-mindedness to agree or disagree with it, you will never understand why or how too much government (or any government for that matter) is bad for your health.


redbean said...

grasp what...?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Grasp that the state is a lie, and how the herd has been hypnotised into believing in the state, and the government, and they support the state, which continues to screw them... and on it goes.

In the long term, it just doesn't work. Work for who exactly?

The People of course. Go ahead, trace the history of ANY civilization, and track the growth of state power with the concomitant consequences on the people.

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