There will be no Singapore in the future

Below is an extract of an article by Seah Chiang Nee posted in littlespeck.com. It spells out why Singapore will be no more in the future by exactly what we are doing today. It is like we know we will be damned if we take this route but this route we will take. Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has projected Singapore as a vibrant city of up to seven million people by 2030, with probably a huge global element. By then, Singapore-born citizens will be a minority in their own country, helped by declining birth rates and Singaporeans working or settling abroad. They may be outnumbered two to one by foreigners settling here, not all of them permanently committed to this place. Singapore will likely remain a migrant society, but more so than before, seemingly destined to be a population in transition. Like at various stages of its past, there will – in future - be waves of foreigners settling down and then leaving for a better life. Its own true blue citizens, too, will increasingly become an international creature. MM Lee spoke of his concern of having too many Singaporeans living abroad with their families (estimated 150,000 to 200,000). “If more Singaporeans work abroad and their children forget their roots, there will be no Singapore node to send them out ... They dissolve and disappear and there is no Singapore,” he said. He worries about a new generation of Singaporean international workers who are open to different identities losing their roots to the home country.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, what is this stupid and crazy oldman trying to say ?? First of all, these wayang oldman set policy to get many FT, now say we lose identity and belonging. This show how disconnected and wayang in this oldman. Now this oldman start blaming us that we lose Singapore identity. Isn't this what oldman has planned policy to be in the first place.

to hell with the oldman.

redbean said...

in order to prepare for the future when singaporeans are just guests to this little island that has been overtaken by new citizens, we should make as much money as we can, grab whatever that we can lay our hands on, buy properties here and everywhere, and prepare to live like a international citizen, without country without home but with a lot of cash.

just squat in any country that happens to value our money as long as the money is there and they think we are still talented to be wanted.

but our next generation may have squandered all their inheritances and not so talented, then they may end up as the garbage collectors of foreign lands.

no country to call home.

Anonymous said...

Singapore can really have future if Lee's empire and its pretentious white knight is down and toppled. Thasin want the same government in Thailand, but true enough, that kind of governing we have is considered so corrupted that ppl overthrow the gov in thailand. This oldman, aka founder and emperor of Singapore, is considered lucky because we Singaporean are so kind and bochai that we don't even bother to care anything.

redbean said...

lets try to look at the issue of having too many migrants in too short a phase of time and not at the personalities.

in 1959 or 1963, singapore was actually no man's land. we took over from the british who were temporary occupiers and have no sense of belonging or ownership of the island.

on the other hand the migrant population too were thinking that they were transient visitors. the island did not belong to anyone or no one was claiming ownership. no one was responsible for the future shape of the island.

today we are the owners of this island. we need to keep it that way and not give it away to foreigners so easily. that is the least we owe it to our children.

we can welcome foreigners to work here and some to be citizens. but when is the critical number of foreigner/new citizens becomes a danger point when there is a risk of losing our ownership?

this piece of land is our inheritance and must be treasured. it is sacred to us singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Frankly if foreigners keep coming in to push up property prices, I welcome them with open arms.

redbean said...

i love them too. only those that can afford to buy properties and push up property prices.

Anonymous said...

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