thai singapore bashing

'Thaksin put Singapore in a tight spot...In some ways, Thaksin was unkind to us. It would have been better if he had done the CNN interview somewhere else.' Kishore Mahbubani I think this is the unkindest comment to have come from Kishore on Thaksin. The Thais have removed their gloves and are evidently hostile to Singapore over this current crisis. Both their hands are at Singapore's throat. Despite so many years of cordial relationship and building of personal ties, the source of this Thai anger can easily be traced. Given the good nature and friendliness of the Thai leadership, it is surprising that they are going at Singapore to such a length. And the MFA's reply was most appropriate and reasonable under such circumstances. Singapore should not capitulate and become the whipping boy and start to point the fault at the wrong direction, at Thaksin, who is a good friend. Constitutionally Thaksin is still the legitimate and popularly elected PM of Thailand. The military junta is the unconstitutional one. Singapore should brace itself and stand up to Thailand and not put its tail between its legs. That is not the Singapore that we are proud of.


Anonymous said...

Singapore has only itself to blame for the bad turn of events by being party to the dodgy Shin Corp deal. Now, all the goodwill built up with the Thais over the years are in tatters and we have added Thailand to ever growing list of countries who have an axe to grind with us. You are right that the Thais are usually good natured and friendly people. So, to be on the receiving end of such unprecedented wrath shows we have done something to really piss them off. Well done to the PAP.

mee siam mai hum said...

Agree, there is nothing to be proud of a country who conspires to pull off a corrupt and illegal deal.

Kaffein said...

What is the truth? The government says you can't handle the truth.

It's like these that make X-Files interesting. See the discrepencies in the report?

From Mr Brown's site:
See how the article was 'conveniently' cut out by the CNA?

ChannelNewsAsia (search engine):

Internation Tribune:

The Edge:

The most scary thing like in X-Files?
The Channel New Asia 'article' in the search list cannot be found anymore in the 15 Jan, or even 16 or 17 Jan archives. It was 'conveniently' un-archived.


redbean said...

hi mee siam mai hum,

welcome to the blog. without prove either way, we have to accept everyone's comment as they are. the only time the truth will come out is in the court. but make sure it is not a kangaroo court.

and in our transparent court, the truth can be embarrassing to some affected parties. so it is like kaffein said, it is not easy to handle the truth.

welcome to the blog too, kaffein. i will take a look at your links.