something to be ashamed of

If there is one thing I am ashame of of this country, it is the rampant and blatant flouting of the laws by the loansharks. And it seems that nothing can be done to them. The MSM has been trying its best to highlight this as not only a social but also criminal problems, it all seems in vain. They continue to exist and thrive and becoming more arrogant and defiance of the law and law enforcing officers.


Anonymous said...

People go to loansharks mostly because they are desperate. There are those who live beyond their means and some gamble either in casinoes or at the stock exchange. Education is the key to solving this problem.

redbean said...

many people resort to drinking to drown their sorrows. there is a saying that the more you drown, the more sorrowful it will become.

drinking does not drive away one's sorrow. neither does going to a loanshark helps to solve one's financial problem.

it is like a drug. one just gets deeper in it, in debt.