Singapore Can!

Singapore Can Yes, Singapore Can. This is slightly different from Singapore Boleh. What Boleh needs is a little system, money and technology(SMT). When Singapore Can, these three factors are fully engaged to make something happens. We go about a problem or task systematically, involving the latest technology if needed, and of course with a lot of money. It is not an emotional thing like boleh. Just do and insist that it is ok even if it is not ok. And if the result turns out otherwise, still insist that the result is good. Singapore Can, faced with the perennial problem of water supply and interstate bickering, we went ahead, systematically, methodologically, to make ourselves self sufficient in water by the time the water agreements expired. We are almost there. Just 30 years ago, we only have 3 reseervoirs, the biggest of which was MacRitchie. Today we have 15 reservoirs, plus new water and desalination plant in the pipeline. And many of the reservoirs are many times bigger than MacRitchie. And the biggest are yet to come. The Marina Reservoir is going to dwarf MacRitchie. It will itself be dwarfed when Pulau Ubin is dammed. By then we will have excess water to sell to Johore at our price. We can then say enough is enough. No need water from Johore. And the sand issue. Soon we will be harvesting the sea for sand using technology. And with supply from other sources, we too will be self sufficient in sand. Then we can keep our money for better uses. Yes, Singapore Can. We thrive under adversities. We find solutions to our problems systematically, and over come them. We shall over come.

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