The Sincerity of Insincerity

We are living in a multi religious society where all religions exist side by side and their believers live harmoniously with each other. This is like paradise in Hollywood. The key question is that beneath the facade of peaceful co existence, how real and sincere is each religious group towards another when their doctrines and beliefs called for the destruction of the other and that only theirs is the truth while the rest are forgeries or devil worshippers? How much would one trust the beaming smile and friendly handshake when his teachings and beliefs said that mine is falsehood and he is out there to change it? Or what is the thinking or intent behind that smile of friendship? How genuine and sincere can one be under such circumstances? Hypocrisy?


Anonymous said...

Indeed, one only has to look at all the amount of racial and religious slurs that abounds in the blogosphere and online forums perpetrated by Singaporeans, and you will conclude that like most things in Singapore, all the racial/religious bullshit is just another big wayang. Inside the hearts of the people, deep-seated prejudices still linger.

redbean said...

unless they change the religious scriptures. otherwise the seed for killing each other is always there.

if one is truthful to one's religion, one cannot be truthful to non believers. that is the real problem. accepting non believers means not being truthful to one's belief. so how?

Anonymous said...

Exactly, it's all just a facade. The peace between the various racial and religious groups in Singapore is very fragile, and only held together by tough, draconian legislation like ISA administered by a strong central government. Take that away and Singapore will descend into the chaos that saw the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Let's face it, the different groups are just too different. Having a Racial Harmony ay or conducting visits to one another's place of worship will never bridge those differences.

redbean said...

i dread what this country will be like without the tough laws. let each religion has the freedom to preach and do what the religion says is good. let the god fearing people have their day and see if there can be a single day of peace on earth.

i will be the first to run out of this country.

now say thank you for the tough laws. actually everything has its good and bad sides. tough laws are bad but can also be good.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and let us all continue to wayang that we respect each other's beliefs and customs when deep in our hearts, we have nothing but contempt for them. Let us all continue living our lives as hypocrites. Another uniqely Singaporean trait.

Anonymous said...

there is only one superior religion here and all other religions must be made subservient to or compromise( replaced with tolerance) their beliefs for the religion and the mighty god of money!!

which means to say...all shall become hypocrites!

(ouch! the truth hurts!)