no sands no money

The Singaporean construction contractors should take the Indonesian ban on sand in its stride. Look for alternative sources. Pay a little more. This is a purely economic transaction just like coal, minerals, oil etc. If the Indonesian refused to sell, so be it. With money, there will be other takers. The losers will be the Indonesians. If a country cannot or will not trade its produces, then it should remain penniless. And all the eager beavers should stop pouring money into Indonesia and see how they make ends meet. It will be criminal if our contractors are trying to exchange money for sand but the Indons refused the exchange and other Singaporeans rushing in to give them the money. The message must be clear. No sands, no money.


Anonymous said...

a tit for a tat is not going to spread good karma.also,sg way of deriding those who refuse to corporate with their wealth programs comes across as desperate and childish.
we all know indo is a very big nation blessed with rich natural resources and potentially, can be self sufficient and certainly do not need a tiny nation like us.
what is most worrying is these big neighboring countries attitude towards us, or rather towards our "representatives" or our philosophy?
"friendly" is not really "friendly".
bad karma probably stems from how our own people are treated?

redbean said...

karma is a complicated thing. it is the only law that man has no control and fear most. they can run, and postpone the karma, but cannot hide and will surely repay. the only just law in life. no favoritism, no cronism, cannot be bought out by money or power.

as for the sand issue, the poor indonesians engaged in the sand biz are now crying. many will have to be retrenched. the money that can be made from the biz and to be filtered down in the society will not be there. it is their karma.

singapore buys sand, water and oil or any commodities based on market prices and a willing seller and willing buyer formula. nothing more nothing less.

if they don't want our money, we take it elsewhere. period.

Anonymous said...

To stop this economic colonialism by Singapore the rest of the Asean countries could band together to boycott Singapore. No sand, no water, no tourists, no oil and no investment. Singapore is so dependent and stands to lose. Therefore Singapore should tamper its agression. Maybe a little less arrogance.

redbean said...

have money will travel.

today's world is too small to block anyone. even the american empire could not block the communist bloc.