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nkf story - the revelation to come

The startling revelation to come What we are about to see in this show is that all the experienced, highly qualified and worldly wise professionals and experts will now have to prove that they were all ignorant and innocent little children. Their only ground of defence is to plead naivity. 'I don't know what is happening. I was just there for the party, for the tea and cakes.' This will give a stronger case for tightening of corporate governance and nailing responsibility onto directors who otherwise think that being a director is easy money and no responsibility.


Anonymous said...

whatever happened to ms peanut and ms whole chin?

redbean said...

leave them alone lah. i don't think they feel good about the whole episode and for jumping the gun. let's be kind and gracious. good for our own karma.

Anonymous said...

surely you mean for our own safety??

Anonymous said...

We may go easy, and should, on the little people who are not responsible for setting the agendas. But if you ever rise to leadership level, then, the noose tightens because, many lives are at stake.
"Hara Kiri" is not uncommon in some countries though.

redbean said...

i think our system is kinder, especially for the talented. and we need to as there are not many among us. so be kind to them and look after them well.

as for the bad rubbish, all dispensable.