nkf story - Outwitting the Master

Outwitting the Master Taking on a master strategist is not like taking a walk in the park. And at this stage of the game, looks like the fear of many forumers will come true. It will be an empty victory for the new NKF. It will probably be a piece of paper that they will get out of court in their favour. But where is the money? The master strategist would have done his sums and made all his moves. If there is any money to be recovered, it would be from the rest of the cronies who did not know that the game was up and did not make any contigency plans. Let's guess who has the most money and asset to recover from.


Anonymous said...

As I have posted earlier, the fact that Durai gave up so easily indicates that something is afoot. Who are the players in this new plot? Well, we can only guess. Someone somewhere must have told him to do this and if he complies, will be let off with lesser punishment, like" you have been a naughty boy, slap on the wrist, don't do it again". I do not think there should be any prizes for guessing who that someone is, do you Redbean??

redbean said...

can i hazard a guess? hmmmmm...i give up. he has won the hearts of too many people. too much goodwill earned.

this is something LTs should learn. plant more seeds of goodness and goodwill.

who knows, all the celebrities may stage a show in support of him? and the dialysis patients who are ever grateful and thankful for the good he had done for them.