nkf story - a new lead actor

As the story continues, when the lead actor was abruptly cut off from the story, a new star must be injected. The new lead actor is now Alwyn Lim. Now that is an unexpected twist to the plot. The diminutive, charming and gentlemanly Alwyn Lim is now played up as the key man who was behind Durai, showing him the way and supporting him all along. Who would have known of these inner happenings if everything was under cloak and secrecy, when everyone deemed an outsider or a spy would be promptly wished away. As the story unfolds, more facets of the activities behind closed doors will be spoken for the benefit of the audience. It is a ticket worth paying for. Lets hope that there will be many more sub plots and supporting actors and actresses coming forward. And the meat will be when the co star appear to tell her story.

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