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nkf story - more revelations

NKF story - More revelations David Jeremy Lee from Briton, a forensic accountant, discovered that in the year 2002, only 4c of a dollar raised went to the patients. And in 2003, not a cent went to the patients as funds raised were more than the cost of dialysis treatment. A large part of NKF cost went to 'prevention clinics, public health screening and Children's Medical Fund' instead of helping the patients. Another fact revealed is that Durai strongly believed that the numbers he gave to the public on amount of donations going to patients were accurate. I believed Durai sincerely believed in his numbers except that his arithmatic may be a bit rusty. Even Richard Yong and Loo Say San have doubts in those numbers. But Durai was confident enough to even go against the advice of his QC.


Anonymous said...

Briton is a nationality. Should read "from Britain" instead.

redbean said...

yep. thanks for reminding me of the typo.


Anonymous said...

Remind of PAP. The next "NKF" to be busted.

redbean said...

nkf is a case of everything was so right. now everything is so wrong.