nkf story - the master stroke

Reading the mind of the master As the story goes, the master has everything thought out and waiting to deliver his master stroke. While the new NKF and all the defendants were busy consulting their legal counsels and emptying their bank accounts, thanks to Drew and Napier, the new NKF can save their legal fees, the master has everything worked out. And very likely he is going to declare he will accept all responsibilities and will not have the need to appear in court. Just bill him for everything. No problem. Then after paying his legal counsel he will declare that he is left with only $2000 in his bank account. What happens to all the money that he made? Oh, did you remember that he was in Vegas?


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, you better get rid of the previous post.

Why go through all the expensive court cases if at the end of the end cannot recover any money?

Declare bankrupt is easiest way out.

redbean said...

ok, the post is gone.

i am puzzled what does the person gain for posting such things?

zeenie said...

Hi, is Drew and Napier representing the new NKF? I believe it is Allen and Gledhill, as pointed out by Mr Wang.

redbean said...

thanks zeenie for pointing out the mistake. it is shanmugam from allen and gledhill alright.

my slip. cheers.

Anonymous said...

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