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nkf story - in comes the anti hero

Krishnan Jayaraman, the IT Manager of the old NKF, has become the anti hero in this saga. He seems to be the only one to take on all the heroes and to tarnish their shiny reputations. Having said that, this FT is an exemplary FT. He is professional, logical and conscientious. His downfall is to pit himself against brilliant and branded LTs. And I think he lost. But this story gives justification to have more good FTs like Jayaraman. Now who is going to accuse me of being anti FTs? It is time to replace LTs with FTs.


Anonymous said...

How do you know he is an FT and not a local ?

redbean said...

i am not very sure, but his look says so. he could be a new citizen by now.

there are some distinctive features between a local and a foreigner or new citizens. hard to describe but distinguishable.

Anonymous said...

I think it is incorrect to compare the FT to a LT. Comparing him to the uncaring elite face is more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I thought Durai is also FT? New citizen is it? aiyah how cares, one by one all become elite uncaring face..

redbean said...

he could be an ft. but he has been year many years ago. think he had his education here from primary or secondary school days.

how else could he get into the inner circle of the elite?

Anonymous said...

He was dismissed by Durai for refusing to toe the line regarding the botched IT system. How can he be an inner circle elite ?