nkf story continues

And the story continues... The story or stories that are coming out from the NKF Showdown is getting more grotesque and nauseating. I think they should be classified under X rating for adults only. Otherwise many people will not be able to take it and may have nightmares and hallucinations. Definitely not for people under 18. Hollywood, Bollywood or Golden Harvest must be clamouring to buy up the right to produce a movie on this. MediaCorp better put in their bid first before it flies away. It will be a mega movie.


Anonymous said...

The main feature is about to commence, order in the pizza, beer and pop-corn, sit back and watch the show. I still think the main plots will all be swept under the carpet and we will never get to know the main bad guys in this movie.

redbean said...

i will take your advice and open a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, and smoke oysters, and enjoy.

is this jayaraman a good or bad guy?

nowadays hollywood and hongkong movies tend to glorify the bad guys so you get confused as to who to worship or idolise.