nkf story continues

And the story continues. I was very touched and almost moved to tears by Durai's reply to Richard Yong's recommendation to pay Durai 8 months' of bonus. And I can agree that Durai had worked extremely hard to raise $22 million for the NKF. "We cannot commend you enough. We cannot compensate you enough. My colleagues and I want you to know how much we appreciate your painstaking work and sacrifice. As a token of our appreciation, we would like you to accept a bonus of eight months' salary.' It was indeed a small token of appreciation. And it was indeed a sacrifice. Durai replied that he would only accept 5 months. 8 months were too much. And he had good and legitimate reasons. 'I am unable to accept the bonus of 8 months salary as I would not be doing justice to the hundreds of patients whom I have to cajole to pay their fees - which they do grudgingly. I know this will be painful to my wife who has to contend with the little resources I can provide her and the children...' Poor thing. And the last I heard, because of his sacrifice and miserable peanut salary, he was living in a rented property. He could not afford to buy his own property. How mean of NKF to pay him so little. It was not only Durai, but his poor wife and children that had to live with so little that he got from NKF. And he rejected to take more. How about a Noble Peace Prize for self sacrifice to aid other suffering human beings?


Anonymous said...

We will hear more from the defense lawyers today. Better get out the box of tissue. Tears will be flowing and we will probably be so touched that all to money spent on lavish hotels and travel would be considered well spent. Wastage of public fund? What wastage????

redbean said...

What came out yesterday was that Durai was not the only person travelling first class. Maltida and Ong Su Ying also travelled by first class. And though not officially spelt out, it looks like Richard Yong and Loo Say San very likely flew first class as well.

I find the old NKF a very good company to work in. Its staff benefits are excellent. Welfare has no parallel. Staff who resigned will also be rewarded with substantial pay rise and even backdated by several months.

And it seems that staff can travel on NKF expenses to promote their own businesses as well. This was really a company made in heaven. It is an excellent model for all organisations to emulate.

The immediate and most tangible benefit is that all the staff are absolutely loyal to the company and will do anything for the good of the company, including speech writing on behalf of the public to be sent to the main stream media. Morale is high, staff are dedicated and even voluntarily worked throughout the night for the organisation.

Where else can one find such a great company?

Anonymous said...

With all these going on for so long, was hter no complaint from members of the public?

All the misuse of public funds was with the approval of the board of directors? I do not believe they knew nothing of the going-ons in the old NKF.

I am waiting anxiously to watch the wayang or will it be the wayang kulit.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, at least the thing with NKF is now out in the open. What's happened has already happened. No amount of brow beating is going to change that. The case is before the courts so let the legal process ruin its course. You should be more worried about whether the same shennanigans are being played out at other secretive organisations that hold public money as well. GIC and Temasek Holdings comes to mind.

redbean said...

i think nkf is just a fluke case lah. the rest are all in good hands. just sit tight and nothing will go wrong.

kill all the whistle blowers.

Anonymous said...

No lah, no need kill the whistle blowers.. just sue them jia lat jia lat... until they kuai kuai shut up..

redbean said...

you are so kind.