new nkf versus nkf 2007

Today we got a sneak preview of the greatest NKF Showdown that all Singaporeans have been waiting for. The debut of the battle at High Court, and if this is what things are going to be like, is going to be as glamorous as any other shows that Media Corp can ever produce. Making his entrance was TT Durai, carrying his charming and suave personality as he strode in, accompanied to court by his equally imposing legal counsel. He was calm, relax and appeared to have everything in control, just like before, everything carefully scripted. It was indeed a commanding presence befitting what Durai represented and was well known for, a consumate CEO of a multi million dollar organisation. Nothing in this world could ruffle him and spoil his day. Then came Richard Yong, his hair nicely gelled and sculptured, and in his immaculate suit, and a beautiful little coloured handkerchief protruding from his vest pocket. With his trade mark 3 piece suit he easily outshone Mark Ng and was a class of his own. It was all class fit for a movie star. He came with an entourage around him, an influential Chairman indeed. The High Court suddenly came alive when a vibrant and smiling Maltida Chua waltzed in. She was the happiest personality to have graced the sombre looking court. Anyone seeing her would not be mistaken to think that she was there to attend a birthday party of a close friend. There was not the slightest worry on her face as she strutted along, probably very confident that all was well. Talking about worry, Loo Say San seemed to be the odd man out. He was everything worry was. Worry was written all over him. On his face, on his shirt and in the air around him. No, he did not attempt a smile. Maybe he had forgotten how. But the greatest surprise, or no surprise at all, was the dark horse in the name of Pharis Aboobacker. No you could not see him. Was he there or was he not there, or was he ever was there? The other key player representing the whole of the New NKF was none other than the famous Shanmugam. And he made his presence felt immediatelly by saying a simple word, 'cronies'. Whatever that meant, there was immediate objection from the otherwise happy party goers and glamorous dignitaries of a once high profile corporate world. 30 lawyers in all were there. I am trying to count how much will this show eventually will cost. Then there are the hidden cost of the dressers to dress up the players and their expensive and branded wardrobes. And the catwalk consultants making sure that each step was meant to be where it landed for the cameras. All the fashion gurus and newsmakers should be there to cover this great show of the year. Even the newspaper played the part that it should by giving the Show frontpage and extensive coverage. And the photos of the main actors and actress were honoured in full colour. The supporting cast would have to make do with just black and white.(To be continued) _________________


redbean said...

Everything is written on the face, so they say. And if it is possible to judge a person and what is in his mind by a mere look of his face, the faces at High Court could have said it all. Each told a different story.

Looking at the carefree, happy and spirited smile on Maltida Chua, one could easily conclude that there was nothing for her to worry about. She was there only to attend a party and to have a good time.

Durai also exuded a serene calm and confidence. All taken care of and things would go on without hurting a single strand of his hair.

Loo Say San was the most moody and had the most worried look on his face. He appeared to be the main target and all heaven would fall upon him. He really had a lot to shoulder if that was what was written on his face.

Richard Yong was tight lipped. But he sure did not look happy. His reticence could mean that many things were piling up for him to answer.

As for Aboobacker, nothing could be seen from his face. Still yet to see his face. Is he real? So far he appeared to be more fictitious than real.

We will see how this preliminary forecast will hold as the days roll by.

redbean said...

I could not believe what I saw on the front page of today's Straits Times.

Durai controlled NKF for personal profit, court told.

He ran foundation like his sole fiefdom, says lawyer.

Could NKF be run like that all these while without anyone knowing?

Then there was this loyal employee by the name of Michelle Ang who took orders from Durai like a obedient soldier, not questioning right or wrong. It was just her duty to do as told, zealously, even to mislead the public by issuing false letters to the main stream media.

And there was no prick of conscience. There was not an instance when she would stop and ask whether she was doing the right thing or wrong. It was all for the boss. My, what have Singaporeans become when morality, ethics and conscience were no longer matters of concerned.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to ay that Durai did not have to answer to anyone? Surely there was a board of directors. I cannot believe that no one on the board knew what was going on.

redbean said...

was there a board of directors? or a board of 'cronies?' let's wait for shanmugam to prove the case.

just remember what shanmugam said, he 'put up a shield against all external authority', so very little was know about what was actually happening inside it.

note, against external authority, not internal authority.

Anonymous said...

I believe there are big names on the board of directors. Can we expect these big names to be scrutinised as well? Or will there be an invisible shield around the board?

redbean said...

everyone in the board is big and important.

Anonymous said...

You all born yesterday or what ? Hello, Houston, do you copy ? Money and power can buy one out of any sticky situation one finds oneself in. That's how the world works. It's the little guys who get screwed royally.

redbean said...

that is a pleasant truth.

Anonymous said...

Durai will probably be made the scapegoat for everything. Maybe Matilda will take some blame. The rest of the board might get away with a token fine?

Anonymous said...

..........and after a while someone will say "enough, lets move on".

redbean said...

ok, enough, let's move on.