jeffrey law said 'nothing great'

All the articles/stories I read aren't thought-provoking and
stimulating at all.  Be more creative and innovative, or
you'll be wasting our time trying to figure out about your

I received the above email from a Jeffrey Law.

So I replied thanking him for his comments and asked him about
his age, educational level and interests and which group he
belongs to so that I can tailor my writings to meet his
needs and things that he thinks will be great.

Still waiting for his reply. It would be better for Jeffrey
Law to share his view with us here and we shall do our best
to serve him and his group.


Anonymous said...

if that's the case, tell him not to come to your site. Afterall, a blog is personal opinion and comment, why care what other ppl say. If Jeffery has a better site, let us know so that we too can see "what kind of standard he can produce".

I personally find your site interesting, brief and insightful. Only garbage ppl find it disguising because these ppl are disguising themselves since "they don't eat sour grape but say grape is sour".

Socaps said...

I don't think it is fair to comment on the quality of a person's writing, because it is very subjective. You don't have to go out of your way to meet the needs of any individual for his comments.

Most probably Mr. Jeffrey Law has high expectations of bloggers; and I would love to learn from him how to write well.

Kindly keep me posted.

redbean said...

we need to know more about him before we can assess his level of thoughts and needs. if he is a child like shumin's age, then he will probably be interested in more emotional stuff and brutal truths.

lets wait for him to reply.

taxi uncle said...

yes, truly agree,nobody have the rite to comment about "quality of a person's writing,"we r in no position to play judge..
I don alwys agree wit redbean, but,least he have de ball to speak his mind......i respect u for for tis.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Redbean, you write what u feels and that what make u interesting and your opinions are definitely worth taking note of. U are critical, funny and practical and related to everyday life. That's why I keep visiting your site everyday.

Keep up the good work. Redbean,
wish you very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

redbean said...

thanks guys for the support.

come to think of it this jeffrey could be one of those kids who were told to get out of here but still fuming and must come back to have a last say.

tsk, tsk, tsk.

he doesn't know that i knew who he is.