greed is good

Let me write something in praise of GREED. Greed, power, hatred, desire, envy etc are powerful motivators. They are the essence of life that keeps civilisation alive and moving forward. Just greed alone is enough to change the world. With greed, people strive and work harder and harder to get more. And the more they get, the more they want, and the harder they work. Imagine when there is no greed, all those who have piled enough in their bank accounts would say, 'I have enough. I just want to lie on the beach and enjoy the sunset.' And a super talent and all his greatness will be lost to civilisation. He stops contributing his talent to benefit society. The only way to get this super talent to continue working, and to serve the people, and himself, is greed. And greed also spice up life. How bored this world will be without greed, when everyone just take enough for himself and leave the rest to others? It will be just like heaven. Just look at the NKF Show...It is all because of greed. And because of this, so much money is being raised for the charity. Because of greed, so many people got the opportunity to play all kinds of roles, and get employed. And because of this greed, so many people now got the chance to watch the show, to learn a little about ethics and morality. And the legal profession get a big boost in terms of dollars and sense. Forget about cents. This world will die without greed. We need greed and more greedy people to make this world more interesting and progressive. Greed is good and healthy. It gives reasons and justification to pay everyone well, and very well. Lets celebrate Greed on this Sunday morning. And be joyous and ignore the dark clouds outside.


Anonymous said...

Greet is what makes Singapore tick. Without greed Singapore would grind to a halt. Imagine all the rich millionaires saying, " I have made my million, I have enough to live comfortably for the rest of my life. Therefore I am going to mae way for others to get at the pie". Do you think that will happen? NEVER. THe NKF sag was a good example. Durai sued SPH for 20 million although being advised to go for much less. Well that was pure greed. Well he got EXACTLY what he deserves. Now he has to pay and pay.

Anonymous said...

Greed is good as demostrated by PAP and the Lee family. Thank to their greed, Singapore can be prosperous and we become obedient RAT. Greed is good for you and me if there is no transparency and accountability. GREED is GOOD and GOD of WHITE is GREED.

Singapore is where it is today because greed is good.

Anonymous said...

you have confuse greed with purposeful passion that leads to a better world for all of us. essentially,greed is a confident conman dressed in a million dollar suit who cares nothing for anyone except when they become part of his global empire. when he builds and elevates the poor to a higher living standard, he also burden many with mountains of debts which leave them much poorer than before. greed also bring with it new waves of crime, corruption and violation of all kinds of civil and social laws. it is an afront to the religions of the world, and thus millions of followers, and fuel violent terrorisation and ignite world wars. greed is a destructive force stem from the center of man's inner throne. its infectious power strips the mind and heart of life and reduces people to economic numbers.

it has no conscience. however, it is true greed contributes to progress but in the long term, it is regressive,repulsive,oppresive, enslaving and richly pretensious!

Rowen said...

Greed is every where.
It is advised to pay enough to high ranking people so people do not become corrupt.
What in the world or in Singapore is stopping people who are paid enough or more than enough from becoming corrupt?
Greed is human nature to want more. Give a person a wooden hut, he would desire a brick house, Give him a brick house, he would want a Mansion, Give him a Mansion, he would want a castle, Give him a castle he would want a kingdom, Give him a kingdom, he would want the world.
What governs a person’s desire, his morals and not external factors of giving him more money.
Look and the NKF Mr Durai, he has a pay which is benchmarked against the CEOs of companies. Yet he wants more. Yet he is corrupt.
Look at Mr Chen Shui Bian of Taiwan. He started with no money and a nobody. He declared that the ruling government then was corrupt. Yet now in his position of power less than a decade of his rise. He too has become corrupted.
Powers corrupts.
Those who stay in power will become corrupt.
That is a simple fact of life.

redbean said...


that is a generalisation. not everyone is corrupt. we have many living examples of incorruptible people in singapore. and i can vouch for that. or maybe they have not reach the point where temptation to corrupt is stronger than their moral value. or maybe they are contented with their present income.