good news for transport stocks

Good news for transport fares. London just up its fare and becomes the most expensive in the world. Will this give us a boost? If so quickly buy MRT and SBS stocks.


Anonymous said...

It just goes to show price hikes is a feature in other countries too. The phenomenon is called inflation, and no, it was not invented by the PAP to oppress the citizens of Singapore. It is a feature of every capitalist-based economy with a fiat money system. SO quit blaming the government for all your woes. Instead channel your energies towards combating inflation by establishing alternate sources of income, for eg. from the stock market. :)

redbean said...

hi anonymous, who is blaming the govt? the public transports are fun by private operators. or are you hinting that they are run by the govt?

by the way, whose woes are you referring? my woes or your woes? i have enough money in my bank account to turn your eyes green!

to me, this blog is just a hobby. and i can afford time and money to indulge in this hobby. in your case, you probably come here to earn a living, being paid to rubbish other people's views.

And who is saying that the govt is oppressing the people? and please get your definition of inflation right.

there is such a thing as profiteering. have you heard of such a term yet?

when you raise fees because cost is eating into your operation, that is fair. when you raise fees because other people's fees are higher than yours, that is not inflation.

Anonymous said...

Horray, Singapore will beat london in no time. Glad Singapore is always number one in making money from the public. I will gladly vote our gov as the best business-man in the world in term of making money from the public. Well, what can we say ?

redbean said...

it will be another number one title on the way.

redbean said...

i think it is a good management practice to justify increases in fees or fares because other people are charging more.

it is stupid to justify increases based on cost increase. all businesses will want to maximise profits.

that is why all our businesses are doing very well and now they can pay the employees and directors big bonuses.