freedom for grandpas and grandmas

The Grandpas and Grandmas should be allowed to spend their money at their own time and not be rationed. It is time to stop forcing grandpas and grandmas to save for tomorrow. For they may have no tomorrow. Stop the legislation requiring grandpas and grandmas to contribute to their CPF and Medisave. Make these optional at their age. Free the senior citizens from a life of regulations and programming of their life activities. Return freedom to them. Let them, for once, to live their own lives, plan their own lives and mess up their own lives if they so choose. They have earned their rights to do what they want, to be free. There should be no compulsion for more savings after 55.


Anonymous said...

Thos ein their 50s, 60s and 70s have been living thier entire lives without having to make financial decisions. The Singapore govt has been doing that for them so far. If they were to allow the freedom of choice, I doubt many of them would be able to decide for themselves. What if they take all their savings and blow it all at the IRs? And if they fall ill after squandering their nest eggs, who will pay their medical bills? I suspect in such cases few of their children would step forward to foot their bills. They will be too anxiuos to see what they can get in inheritance after the oldies pass on, let alone pay for their parents.

redbean said...

statistics will prove that a certain percentage will mess up their lives. that is for sure.

for this helpless group, the ration can come in. after all we have all kinds of charities and comcare to help those in need. it is nothing new.

no one, or any reasonable person, will want to squander their money away. many will be sensible enough or have their own safety nets.

as for this small group, the state can afford to give them a few dollars to let them live in their misery. they do contribute to the state and the reserves that we have. they are co owners and they are just drawing a little of their savings in the state.

of course, the little ration must mean ration and not a generous offer to encourage others to do the same.

just because one buggers jumps into the track or onto the road does not mean that all the roads and track must be barricaded or everyone will jump as well.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is what we call a nanny state. The govt looks after everything and people are comfortable and leave everything to the govt. If ever the day comes when Singaporeans have to make decisions for themselves, I am sure ,many will fall flat on their faces. That is why the govt has to control the spending of the elderlys.

redbean said...

too much govt. good or bad?