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education account confirmed

Everyone seems very happy with the education accounts for adults. I like to have that too, to do my PhD. Just for fun and a little self stimulation. Wonder how much it will cost. And the Today Paper also confirmed that the Govt has accepted this recommendation. Now it is going to be 'I want, I want, I also want.' Where is the money coming from? And with so many schemes available from primary and secondary schools, to adult education, WISE, Skillsave, private corporate and govt organisation schemes, and more schemes, I think we are the most scheming people in the world. Have we not gotten tired of all the schemes? Why so many schemes, like charity and govt welfare schemes and always not enough? Would 2% GST be enough to provide for the additional education account? Or would this justify another 1%? The money must come from somewhere. No free lunch.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, you have always argued that the National Reserves should be used to benefit the people of Singapore. They are doing just that by provoding this education scheme. I suggest you apply for your Phd course and benefit from this handout.

redbean said...

i am in favour of returning some profits from the national reserves to the people. choktong also said something to this effect. but apart from the adhoc ers and nss, the national reserves are still the national reserves.

if the national reserves are in the scheme of things, then maybe no need the additional 2% GST. so don't presume that the education accounts will come from the reserves unless they said so.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, stop flogging a dead horse lah. We all know that the reserves don't belong to the people. So if something doesn't belong to you, what right have you to demand that profits from investing those reserves be returned to you ?

Anonymous said...

What you cannot touch is not yours. How true. Sigh, the misfortune of being born a Singaporean peasant.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.53 am, you should be thanking you lucky starts to be born a Singaporean. Just consider this, there are millions from Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Pakistan..... who would gladly trade places with you. You have a safe place to live, your children are schooled, when you are ill you are looked after. What is so bad?? Stop whinging and get on with it.

Anonymous said...

Safe ? We've got deranged foreigners who chop people up into pieces and throw them into the river running around. You call that safe ? Schooled to be an unquestioning robot to serve the interests of the powerful elite ? Looked after when ill, and have a massive bill shoved in your face after you get well. Sorry, hor, I think the peasants in Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Pakistan have it much better.

redbean said...

the danger of thinking that we are there, we are at the top, that what we are having we should be contented with, is that the next step is down.

when people think that there is nothing they can do better, just like saying we should be contented vis a vis the worst of the struggling nations, is a compromise thought.

Why don't we say, look at the affluent europeans or the japs, and how lucky they are compare to us? if our reference point is the third world, either we should all be laughing happily at the little paradise that we have or we are heading down towards mediocrity.

all empires or kingdoms will reach this point one, a prelude to their doom. for the people see that there is nothing to learn or improve on any more.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, you talk about the European countries and the Japs, do you consider them better than the Singaporeans? Do you consider the Yanks better than the Singaporeans? Do you honestly wish for Singapore to be like any city in the USA or UK? Of couse we all wish to improve, but we must progress in the right direction, no point following blindly towards the USA/UK model.

redbean said...

what is good or not good is not only relative but also very subjective. i have deliberately left out uk and usa. personally i don't think they are countries that i would die to want to be there. i could accept uk before they opened their countries and let it rot.

i am more comfortable with the swiss, the scandinavians and the japs. say what you like about the japs, they are very rich in any areas and in their quality of life.

we cannot stay put as that will lead us to our decline. we must always seek to improve. and our criticism or cynicism is towards a better tomorrow.

the nkf is a good example. when people think that that is it and let their guards down, it will destroy us. nothing is perfect but that does not mean that we cannot keep trying to be better.