eager beaver got slapped

The eager beaver got slapped again. Indonesia banned sand export to us. The funny thing is that whenever there is a little problem in our neighbouring countries, our eager beavers will all jump on their feet to want to help with their time and money. On the other hand the recipients will either see this as a poor effort to curry favour, in bad taste, just to show how prosperous we are. And even thinking that we are doing it to please them for some goodies in return. And the Malaysian flood is also seeing our people rushing to help. Do people appreciate or would people turn around and say, "Get lost, hypocrites! We don't need your help." Our neighbours would rather let their water flow into the sea, or sand go to waste than trade them for money. They only want money to be given freely. And when they know that we need a commodity badly, be sure they will ban it to keep it from us. The next thing they will do is to ban maids when Singaporeans are too dependent on maids. This will come when maids will no longer be allowed to come to Singapore. More SEZs?


Anonymous said...

They own the commodity so they have a right to sell it to whoever they want or not to sell it. Don't understand what you're bitching about. Just because we sent people to help during a calamity doesn't mean they need to reciprocate and sell their backsides to us when it affects their national interests.

Anonymous said...

You're exhibiting the typical SIngkie slave mentality. PAP very generous give me Progress Package money so I must vote for them even though they've been screwing my ass since time immemorial. Well, Redbean, in this respect the joke's on us because our neighbours are definitely a lot smarter than us.

Beng In a Box said...

I say good for them. Our leaders have for so long belittled, ridiculed and looked down on our neighbours. It is only logical that a time will come when they will say enough is enough. That time has come. Serves the Bastards in White right.

redbean said...

of course they are smarter than us. that is why we have to work to please them. and when they are having a little difficulties, we crawled there to offer help.

and when they turned around to spurn at us, we swallowed it with a big grin and say, thank you.

we should be more commercial and stop at that. people who are too eager to please others will only get screwed by the arseholes.

redbean said...

hi beng in the box,

welcome to the chat.

within our little island we can call the shot, whack anyone we want. but out of here, we plead and plea but in return got slap left and right.

what can we do but to go back for more.

Anonymous said...

Hi ;)
oh... what unbalanced comments!
what do U suppose about it?

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