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double rainbows on 1.1.2007

A double rainbows appeared on the first day of the new year, 2007. It looked like a rare occurrence to me. Never seen it before. The first rainbow after the big flood was a reminder to God that he will not destroy the human race anymore. Now God is given a double reminder that he should keep to his promise. So, would the double rainbows bring better fortune for everyone? Pictures of the double rainbows can be seen at the Photo Gallery in Just open any of the threads there and look for Snippets of Singapore file. There are about 10 pics there and 4 of them have the double rainbows captured.


Anonymous said...

Double rainbows means double good fortune. Congratulations Singaporeans, there will be loads of free money for all, especially for all the top earners with double fat bonuses. Does that mean the income gaps will grow wider still?

abao said...

double rainbows? not surprised at all...

I saw one about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Its just that someone took a picture of this one.

redbean said...

how i wish i am getting fat bonuses? income gap will be closer after the 7% gst.

and abao,

looks like double rainbows are visiting us more frequently. must be double blessings.