charities should pay good money

Chua Mui Hoong wrote, 'Do away with cheap and good.' In her article she questioned the perception of people that honchos of charities should not be paid well. Her argument is that these honchos must be rewarded at market rate like any organisations. That charities should pay good money for good people. This argument immediately falls flat with NKF and Youth Challenge as outstanding examples of paying good money for frauds. The other point is the assumption that charities should be run like commercial businesses. This is exactly what is wrong with charities. Charities are charities and should be run like charities. Charities should be run by charitable people with a heart and not one with money in his head. People who wants to make their millions shall not run charities. These are money from the hearts, public money given to help needy people. Not for people to get rich. Go and get rich in the private sector. Make all the money if you can and no one will raise an eyebrow. But making money and getting filthy rich on public money is unacceptable. This is one of the fallacies that Singaporeans are made to believe. That every man is driven by money. And it is good to employ men by using money as the key motivator and nothing else.


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, I cannot agree with you more. I believe that when a charity collects money from the good hearted people, the fund collected should be used for its intended purpose, ie. for helping the unfortunates. People who want to be paid market rate should stay in the commercial world and make their money. Those who rus charities should be there out of dedication and commitment and not greed.

Looks like this Chua Mui Hoong has the making of a future peanut woman.

Anonymous said...

The new citizen(some call it new creation) wants to be freed from the trappings of selling their souls to the highest bidder. The new citizen believes that only those who have been liberated will then be able to lead others to be as contented with the simple essential of the material world.
With contentment comes rest from the rat race. More time can then be devoted to family and community bonding which then pave the way to sharing of resources.
The new citizen believes that that's the direction best benefit most people in the long term.
The more we find to resist the lure of mammon, taxation can then be comfortably managed and the pursuit of peace realisable.

Anonymous said...

"Go and get rich ....sector. Make all the money ....... will raise an eyebrow. But making money and getting filthy rich on public money is unacceptable."

Agreed !!!! But alot of "filthy rich" people in this part of the planet were and are not from the private sector..Ha Ha Ha.
Not meant to be rude or funny but
sharing some nasty truth.

redbean said...

can i disagree?

the new citizens are all here for one reason, selfish interest and making money. that is the only motivation. this is not their country. this is their island to exploit. when the storm comes, you bet they will leave.

and many have left even before the storm. for there are better places to go. the new citizens see themselves as a commodity, to the highest bidders.

redbean said...

the chinese imperial system failed miserably when private enterprises were frowned upon. traders were the lowest class of people. industry was not really encouraged.

it is always 'shen quan fa cai.' be a govt official and be rich.