world conned by the japanese

The world has been conned by the Japanese. I have seen a map published in the Nihon Keisai Shimbun showing where the Korean missiles had landed. And for simplicity of explanation, if one divides the Sea of Japan into 4 quarters from the Korean to Japanese coast, the missiles landed on the first quarter nearer to the Korean and Russian coasts. Even the flight path of the missiles was pointed to travel parallel to the Korean and Russian coasts, avoiding the direction of Japan. What this proves is that the North Koreans are careful and did not want to be accused of firing the missiles in the direction of Japan and thus becomes a provocative act. There is no chance of the missile falling down on Japan even if there is engine failure. It is the Japanese that insisted that the act was provocative. This is the same kind of logic Bush used against any adversarial nation. Just called them aggressor, axis of evil, and that gives them a reason to attack or invade that country. The Japanese is using the same principle as an excuse to attack North Korea. And this is a very dangerous principle to live by. Actually the Japanese is the hostile and provocative aggressor instead of the North Koreans. A similar Marco Polo Bridge incident!


Anonymous said...

wah, ah bean, your articles sounded anti-jap....and your local articles are drawing a lot of pro and anti camps lately. careful not to be a pawn in the process. careful not to be swayed by taunting to support their agenda. I hope your more impressionable readers will preserve an independent mind and judge for themselves....who said the internet is safe?

Anonymous said...

A bigot, that's what you are redbean. Why don't you talk about CHinese atrocities in Tibet ? because you are CHinese right ? I'll say it again. Bloody bigot !!

redbean said...

i am just reminding the world of the second world war and how nice the japanese used to be.

ok, ok, i take your hint. i would not queue up for bak chor mee anymore.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

i am a bigot. no doubt about it. we are all bigots in the way we see things. there is always the self involved, the vested interests.

we are after all fallible men. any man who stands up and claims that he is all righteous, he is either god or dog.

thanks for telling the truth: )

redbean said...

oops forget to address your tibet. you see, a bigot is very selective in his vision and interpretion of things and events.

a truly objective person will list out all the atrocities the world has seen and then compares them, devoid of emotional attachments. let me list out some of the major atrocities here.

1. termination of a race ie red indians.
2. slavery of afrikaans, the negroes over more than a hundred years.
3. colonisation of korea and humiliating the koreans, subjecting them to cruelties.
4. rape of nankin, chinese as lab animals for chemical and biological tests.
5. rape of south east asia.
6. yes, suppression of tibet.
7. gasing of the jews.
8. napalm and chemical treatment of vietnam and vietnamese.
9. killing fields in cambodia
10. the siberian concentration camp
11. africa?
12. the palestinians?
13. the inquisition
14. any massacre during british rule in india?
15. lately we have the iraq tradegy, abu gharib and guantanamo.

what else?

abao said...

Yo redbean, looks like you have a few anonymouses constantly giving feedback to you.

From what I read, one is a minority who thinks that minorities will always be treated unfairly.

Then there's some satrical people and some serious ones.

redbean said...

yes abao,

that makes a blog or forum interesting. it needs diverse views to discuss issues from different perspectives. otherwise a forum will be dead.

there are some fts here as well.

i encourage everyone to share their views without being personal and enjoy the chat. it is good to know how different people see things differently and we get to understand each other better. try to be as objective as possible, even sarcasm, cynicism, provocative in thoughts and views. but not the personal kind. that we can live it to the kids.

keep posting fellas.

Anonymous said...

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