what's wrong being bloggers anonymous?

There are many reasons why bloggers or forumers chose to use nicknames instead of their real names. To hell with those who insist that everyone who post must use their real names. To hell to those who call bloggers anonymous cowards and all kinds of names. Cyberspace is space anonymous. It is accessible to anyone from any corner of the globe to get in touch with you, in your blog or in your forum. No matter how honourable, lovable and respectable one is, there will be the bolt out of the blue from someone for no reasons, to lambast you with all the worst obscenities you never ask for. That is the risk of offering your face in cyberspace. Even God does not escape being whacked into bits and pieces. So what is there to stop anyone who just wanted to yell at you to resist from doing so? Then why should anyone want to paste his face/name in cyberspace to be targets to be shot at random? For that matter, would any political leaders dare to come into blogosphere or any internet forum using his own real identity? They may get a thousand well wishers for doing that. And bet you, they will get a handful of bloggers who will throw mud and shit in their faces. Cyberspace can be an innocent space but why would one want to invite unnecessary and often rude and abusive comments to themselves? There is nothing wrong being bloggers anonymous. The true worth of a blogger or forumer is in his/her postings. Not just because he/she exposes himself/herself. What is good is good, what is bad is bad. A good blogger or forumer need not necessary have to use his real name. This is a myth created by our society.

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