Vice and heartbreaks - by Seah Chiang Nee

I must hasten to say that the majority of China women here are simply earning an honest living and are not cheats or prostitutes. But a large minority is fiercely ambitious, seductive and prepared to use any means to get rich, including seducing men into an affair or marriage, then cheating them and returning home or moving to another man. Swindle cases are on the rise although some men are too embarrassed to go to the police. The victims range from retirees to middle-aged married men with grown-up children. This easy use of sex has revealed just how vulnerable Singapore’s older men are despite – maybe because of – their conservative upbringing in which sex was regarded a taboo subject. After decades of “pent-up” frustration or deprivation, some are becoming easy prey to younger, prettier women intent on seduction. It also brings into question the sex health of some older Singaporeans. Other men are just lonely souls living drab lives. A letter from “Elisabeth” says: “I feel worried for the ‘old uncles’ in Singapore. These elders are really simple-minded, blinded by temporary pleasures. “They thought these Chinese girls really liked them and even gave them their savings. Pity the family.” The above is an extract from Chiang Nee's article in the Star Paper. It is about the controversies arising from the open door immigration policy and how ambitious village girls from China stormed here to make a quick buck from our 'innocent, naive and rich uncles.' In the case of outright cheating, which there were many cases, it is fair for people to point the fingers at the China girls. But it is unfair to say that our men were pure and innocent when you recount the number of China girls being chopped to pieces. These are outright unacceptable behaviour from both sides. But the art of seduction and the price to pay by the China girls in exchange for hard cash is fair game. Prostitution, other than its social and moral stigma, is an honest occupation. The senior citizens and uncles are not that gullible to throw away their money innocently. The China girls did not rob them of their money either. They are offering them genuine good services that the uncles needed. It is fair exchange. Caveat emptor. Maybe we should not put in too much subjective judgement on the players in this game of lust and money. Both are willing and happy partners in the trade.

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