a trip in contrast. continue

A trip in contrast. continue We hit the North South Highway in double quick time as the traffic was easy and flowing. Gone were the mad rush to the golf courses. Life seemed to have returned to the normal leisure pace. We did not encounter any traffic police road blocks to check our passports or motorists being caught for speeding. Maybe the number of Singaporeans coming over now did not justify the deployment of a police unit of cars, equipment and precious police manpower. No speed trap along the highway too. After exiting Ayer Hitam we headed west to Batu Pahat. We intended to go for Bukit Benang Golf Course but changed our mind and went to the old Batu Pahat Golf Course instead to enjoy the warmth of local hospitality. The road had widened into a 4 lane highway and made driving so easy. We were greeted with a sign board saying Cross Creek outside the club house. Hmmm, very American. A little sign of change. Other than that, the Club was as beautiful as it was, very well maintained, despite a cowgrass course. Plenty of flowers and colours. We had our tussles and arguments and all the digs at each other during the 18 holes. And in between the monkeys were screaming away. Then the 3 wild boars that dashed across the fairway while we were teeing off. Quite a refreshing experience for city folks. We drove out for lunch after 9 holes. The kopitiam was a 2 min drive. We had two big plates of loh may or mixed cuts, chicken, roast ducks, roast pork. Actually we double the order after the first one. Then laksa, wanton noodle, drinks plus 4 large bottles of Calsberg etc. $50 ringgits for the whole works for 4. A big plate of wanton noodle and a big bowl of wanton soup at $2.50 rm each. Dinner was more sumptuous. We went for the famous chicken rice by the sea, otah, chicken wings, carrot cake, clams, big prawns, vegetable, carlsberg, fruits, etc. This was followed by a round of Batu Pahat durians. RM$5 a kg of quality durians with rambutans thrown in by the seller for free as dessert. The whole trip, including caddie fees and tips, cost $110 ringgits. Now how much is that, less than S$50 for a day of golfing and pigging out. How far can S$200 stretch for 4 adults at home? The biggest surprise awaited us on the home leg. We took the side entrance for goods vehicles and were met with an eiree silence. Where were the thousands of Singapore cars and the long queues? We were the third car at the immigration. And only two counters were open. And on the Singapore side, we were the first car! And this was peak hour, 8pm on a saturday night. The best experience of the whole trip was of course the casual and friendly people we met around Batu Pahat and Cross Creek. It was so pleasant that made us want to return again. A little trip to memory lane.


Speedwing said...

I am so glad to read that you have enjoyed your day in Malaysia. I too nip over to Malaysia every now and again to savour the cuisine and spend my ringgit. Was in KL last week for a 4 day stay. Enjoyed every minute of it. Goint to JB tomorrow for shopping nad stuffing our faces. Looking forward to it.

Lets hope that Malaysia will remain welcoming to all Singaporeans. Lets be friends!!

redbean said...

hi speedwing,

so long never hear from you. actually the people on both sides are quite friendly and accept each other as neighbours. the evil ones are the politicians who manipulated the people and their emotions for their personal interests, stirring up shit and hatred to create ill wills every now and then.

the two people only have a lot to gain by just being people and live their own lives.

just bet the battle royale between mahathir and badawi will quickly take a turn to become singapore bashing.

unfortunately the people are just mindless masses good to be made used of.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, good you remember me from the time before your GE. Now it is all over, I feel I can start contributing to the blog chats again.

Btw, I think you owe me a coffee.

Elfred said...


redbean said...

of course i remember you speed. and also elfred. both of you have disappeared for a very long time.

glad that you are both back.

speed, there is an elderly gentleman in redbeanforum called elle. he is residing in england and i think was from malaya. you may want to touch base with him. he posts mostly in the world affair column.

elfred, i miss your posting. how are you getting on?

redbean said...

hi speed,

i almost forgot about our bet. don't even know that i have lost.

anyway, just give me a prompt when you are in town and we can have cuppa together.

it will be nice to meet you in person.


Anonymous said...

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