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time to learn from malaysia

Who says Malaysia has nothing to teach us? Slowly but surely we are starting to copy the good ideas coming from across the causeway. The first hint of such a mental shift is to build the underground road network in the city and allow the developers to collect tolls. Collecting tolls is the masterpiece of Malaysian infrastructure development. It is their trademark. Now we are going to fly our national flags in taxis, buses and private cars. The Malaysians have been doing this for donkey years. Now Singapore is catching up with the idea. What else that we can learn from our neighbours? Would we be considering building a half bridge too? Good for toll business. Or are we going for more Guinness Book of Records? The Malaysians have beaten us to that in the number of records they have created, the largest national flag, the largest ketupat, the biggest kettle, the largest drum orchestra, etc. We can have the longest queue in Orchard Road, the longest popiah, the longest sarong....the most artificially created icons, the merlions...


Anonymous said...

How about most number of whining losers on the Net.

redbean said...

what makes you think that whiners are losers? i bet my income is several times more than yours!

everything, no matter how small or insignificant, even a bacteria or a mosquito, has a role to play in the whole matrix of life.

this forum also serves a purpose, a function as part and parcel of a complex big picture.

and you are also playing a part by providing a different viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

Haha, you've finally showed yourself to be the arrogant bastard I knew you were all along. The mark of a fucking Singaporean asshole.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

why don't you do something useful like contributing something worthy instead of name calling and profanity? i am sure you can tap on your grey matter instead of letting it go to waste.

every blogge here is reading and watching what you said. lets be sensible and engage in some useful discussion, ok? up to it?

by the way, we are only at kopitiam level and you are already finding it so stressful.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, you should just ignore people like that. Maybe they will just go away. Judging from what they say, they have nothing valuable to contribute anyway. You are right, they are finding it stressful at kopitiam level. Maybe we should bring ourselves down to their longkang level?

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous,
there are many readers here and you have to engage yourself in proper argument. Writing profanities like this is no use, its despicable.

redbean said...

hi all,

though this is a kopitiam and a free for all chatroom, it will be nice to be decent to everyone. we can always disagree and put forth our views.

and please don't forget that some of my views are exaggerated and mean different things to different people, depending on how you read it. some could be very sarcastic and cynical. but i try my best to be level headed and not to attack anyone personally.

in some issues sure everyone will have strong views. and we can disagree with the views, but no necessity to call each one names.

thanks for your kind consideration.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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