Threat is nearer than you think - A horror story!

This is the headline of a one page article, with graphics, on the North Korean long range missiles in The New Paper today. The main gist of this article is that Singapore and many Asian countries are now within range of North Korea. And we are now under threat. Horror, run and hide quickly. And North Korea is going crazy and going to fire their missiles at all the Asian countries, including Singapore. We are now in imminent danger. We must protest and join the campaign to put pressure on North Korea from developing this nuclear threat. I am wondering, just wondering, how many gullible Singaporeans will believe in a silly article like this? And obviously it is silly as no one think it worthy or credible enough to put his name as owner of the article. Why would the North Koreans be threatening us and wanting to fire their missiles at us? For that matter, even it they are all insane and really fire at us, the missile will miss us completely. The missile will not be able to find us, too small a red dot or pee sai, to be picked up by its radar. If the North Koreans were crazy, they would have long fired all their missiles into Japan. They have all the reasons and the capability to do it for more than 20 years ago. Why are they not crazy to fire at Japan but will be crazy enough to fire at Singapore? Would the New Paper that poses this as a genuine threat to Singapore explain to all the stupid Singaporeans as they are too dumb to understand. This is the kind of articles that silly Asians are made to believe. And the source of such articles is likely to come from you know where. And it is so patronising to think that in the 21 century, Asians, especially Singaporeans, are unable to think.


abao said...

That's why I never completely believe what the news reports, because it is a mix of truth, the reporter's perception and some propanganda.

redbean said...

what i find more disgusting is that it is encouraging the people to fear North Korea, building up a perception that it is our enemy. why would we want to create an enemy out of nothing? has north korea attack us or attempt to attack us?

i find this utterly irresponsible. if such news keep appearing in our official media, soon singaporeans will subconsciously be cursing and swearing at anything north koreans.

the same methodology used to make all asians hate the chinese, including singaporean chinese who have for many years been subjected to this kind of marketing psychology.

haha, chinese hate chinese. how stupid can that be.