Singapore ST playing a dangerous game

But what has startled many Malaysians has been the unexpected (or perhaps, to be expected) participation in the public quarrel of the two Malaysian leaders by a foreign newspaper, the Singapore Straits Times. The Singapore Straits Times is closely linked to the island state's government so one may reasonably assume to an extent that its views would reflect or be similar to that of the government.... Malaysians would be rightfully alarmed if such a supposition bears true. Following from that, we may ask why would a foreign country, which hitherto had observed proper and diligent distancing from Malaysian internal politics, at least publicly, has now seen fit to stomp right into the fray. by K Temoc as reported in Malaysiakini Malaysians find it alarming for Singapore to comment on Malaysian politics and 'has now seen fit to stomp right into the fray'. I still remember Syed Hamid marching into Rangoon to ask to see Aung San Suu Kyi and telling the Myanmese Govt to become more democratic. Now, is that stomping into another country and telling another govt to behave in a way that one desires a polite thing to do? And if that is acceptable, what is a little comment in the newspaper compares to a foreign minister flying all the way into Myanmar? It is always dangerous and undesirable for a country to interfere in the domestic politics of another country. Why is the Malaysian thinking that it is ok to tell the Myanmese govt how to behave and not ok for the Straits Times to have a few reports which were borrowed articles from Malaysian media?


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