reckless japanese militarism

After reading reports from all quarters, we are seeing a group of jokers that are more reckless and thoughtless in Tokyo than those in the White House. Shinzo Abe wanted to carry out a preemptive strike. And all quarters in Japan are drumming up support for this action claiming that the ordinary Japanese also wanted Japan to strike first. Do these idiots really know what they are in for? A handful of bombs to knock out North Korea's nuclear capability? No way. Once the first bomb flies, it is all out war. And every missile in North Korea will fly into Japan. Of course the Japanese first strike could be in the same manner. Try to imagine the casualties! It will dwarf Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Millions will be wiped out from both sides. And South Korea will not stand on the side line. Its missiles will follow the path of the North Koreans into Japan. No, the North Koreans will not strike South Korea. It will be a war between the two Koreas and Japan. It will be Year Zero for Japan for sure. Let's see how cocky and reckless the Japanese will be. There is no guarantee that a first preemptive strike can take out all of North Korea's capability and that North Korea has no second strike capability. And for sure, South Korea will be the third strike which Japan did not count on in her equation. Come on Japan! Let's go, bomb North Korea!!!


Anonymous said...

Nobody gives a damn about North Korea if not for their possible nuclear missile capability. There is nothing to be gained for invading North Korea unlike Iraq where there's oil.

redbean said...

i think it is more a case of a small pawn in a big chess board. every country around china has a strategic interest to the americans. pressurising north korea and destroying north korea will give the american a strategic advantage to leverage against the chinese.

and it is to the chinese strategic interest to keep north korea alive to put pressure on the americans and the japanese.