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Operation Hush Up is on.

I have been scanning all the papers, official media, tv news, radio news, etc... I have not try Stomp yet, but Mr Brown has vanished. No news about Mr Brown and how he distorted the truth. And all the investigative journalists, anyone interested in covering this incident? I have just taken a peep at Mr Brown's blog, and there are almost 500 comments in 3 days on this issue. Hey is this not news? But it is big news in blogosphere! Any little blog or forum in cyberspace worth its salt will have enough comments on the issue to make it worth reading. It is the news of the day. What happens to the traditional media? Not interested or what? Isn't news be news? Isn't something so hot be newsworthy? Maybe we are all waiting for an official response and take the cue from there. We are all objective reporters and journalists. We are independent thinkers and we write what we think are news worthy, of public interest. If I can't or don't even say something on this issue, I better close down my forum. I don't practise self censorship here. I don't have to read what is safe or unsafe to post. Now, why would people flock to cyberspace for independent news instead of subscribing to the main media? Luckily I did not buy a copy hoping to read something about it. Would I be wasting my money, feeling money not well spent?


redbean said...

If I were a journalist, I mean a paid journalist, I will write to prove that Mr Brown really distort the truth. Provided I am paid well for it. After it is only my opinion, with my own distorted facts. Just leave it to the readers to believe or not to believe.

Like that can or not?

Anonymous said...

Well, look at the bright side. Sinkaporeans can at least have a taste of what life is like in North Korea where the govt can be selective on what news to be printed for the day.

redbean said...

don't compare us with north korea lah. we are democratic country, north korea communist country run by father and then son.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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