the news that's worth 4 million smiles

The Australian Support grows for Goh in UN race David Nason, New York correspondent July 20, 2006 MOVES to have former Singaporean prime minister Goh Chok Tong succeed Kofi Annan as UN secretary-general are gathering momentum in New York as the Security Council prepares to hold an informal "straw poll" for the candidates later this week. This is a great piece of news for everyone and a very strategic move that even Chok Tong will be smiling. And if he does get the job to replace Kofi Annan, there will be the 4 million smiles all round. Technically he is the most qualified and suitable candidate and will have the support of most of the big powers like the US, UK, China and Russia. Once his name is up, it is impossible to beat him. And all the diplomats in the UN would have to look up to Chok Tong, and thus Singapore. Another first for Singapore. We are indeed a very blessed country.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean the UN will in future withold aid to countries that do not show vote to show support for him? Will people be allowed to criticise the UN? What about protests against the UN? Will countries that refuse to ban these have their aid withheld?

Anonymous said...

Ah Goh UN Sec Gen. Can't speak proper English. So wooden. Afraid of Chee Soon Chuan and oppositions in Singapore. Can't accept criticism. How can he deal with even more complex politics of the UN?

redbean said...

putting your criticisms aside, would it not be good to have the UN in our pocket? then we can change the way they do things, do it the singapore way. make the UN a paternalistic organisation and free from corruption, and make all the organisations under the UN be profit oriented and become self sufficient.

then the UN can be independent from the rich nations and can do what it likes, and redraw the boundaries of areas of influence.

redbean said...

If Chok Tong is to be the UN chief, he will carry the trademark of incorruptibility with him for sure.

And he will make the whole UN incorruptible too when he introduces the same high pay policy there. This is such a wonderful dream, when a Singaporean takes over the UN and transforms it into an exciting model of good corporate governance.

I can also see a lot of our supertalents joining him to rebuild the world organisation. We hve experts in every fields. First on the list will be building Singapore style HDB flats for the world. World class hospitals, schools, and better still if he can get the UN to relocate to Singapore.

The whole UN building can be sold en bloc and make a huge profit as the property cost here is definitely cheaper than New York. Wow, straightaway the UN is flushed with cash, probably can stash away as a 20 year reserve.

Now, would that not be a great achievement for Singapore? And he can tap on the resources of LKY still.

I am so excited over such a possibility. And Chok Tong can carve up a vision for the UN, Staying Together, Moving Forward. For this motto, just pay a small royalty will do. No need to engage a PR agency and pay a few millions for it.

Anonymous said...

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