myth 45

'There is no press freedom' After the recent brown commotion, more people are saying 'See, See, didn't I tell you! Where got press freedom?' Everyone seems to have found the same conclusion. And maybe that could be the reason why so many bloggers and forumers also quit cyberspace. But I choose to defer. How could there by no press freedom? Remember how freely the local press wrote about the general elections and praising all the candidates? Remember they had a field day writing voluminous reports about the general election practically everyday? Wasn't that press freedom? A better proof is that all our professional journalists have not complained about no press freedom here. So what more proof does one need to say that there is press freedom and our journalists are all very content with the state of affair. What Bhavani's edict actually forbid are very reasonable. No partisan politics, no undermining national policies and no championing of issues. Anything else ok. See, what more can one ask for? There are a lot of press freedom as long as one does not violate Bhavani's edict. And cyberspace and blogs, completely free to write whatever you want. Complaining that there is no press freedom is thus a myth.


Speedwing said...

Have read what you have written, I am unsure what to make of what you are implying. Do I sense a little sarcasm? or are you serious? If it is the latter, then you are not the same redbean I knew.

What about self censorship by the journalists? Surely that is something we must consider.

redbean said...

hahaha speed,

sometimes it is better to praise people than to criticise when you know that people are very sensitive.

but important thing is that the message gets through and people know what i am saying : )

Anonymous said...

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