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myth 43

'Renewal of leadership will save the party and country' There is no doubt that renewal of party leaders is important to keep the party fresh and highly motivated and not be stuck with a stagnant system of ideas and people. But this is only a small piece of a whole tapestry. Sorry many are just tapestry weavers. There are many other aspects which have to be addressed other than just head counts. The goals, the direction and priorities to reorganise and restructure society and people as a nation are equally important. We have done very well as a nation for many years. But strains and cracks are appearing but either ignored or viewed as not important or irrelevant, or even as a part and parcel of progress. A little reflection on what life was before and now, how a single income family could live life quite comfortably, how a university degree was a passport to a comfortable lifestyle, how four figure monthly income was considered quite wealthy. The time when a decent semi D cost an equivalent of 3 or 4 years annual income, a car could be had at the price of half a years income of a fresh graduate. What is happening to our wealthy society when more people are feeling stressed and unhappy, got lost in the rat race, and a two income family can only just get by, a single income family is never enough? Are the masses of today really better off than the masses of yesteryears?


Anonymous said...

Reminiscing about times long passed by will not solve any problems. The way to solve problems is to get off your asses and work hard.

redbean said...

according to the confucian philosophy, everyone has a part to play. the leaders must lead well, the parents bring up their children well, and extending this further, a blog or forum shall do its job well by having a contructive discussion.

and in a blog there will be the whiners and the supporters, the people who will criticise and the cronies who will come out to defend.

and for a blog to be active and interesting, the people who criticise must criticise well, just like a journalist must do well as a journalist. and on the other hand the cronies must be able to argue their cases well too.

it is disappointing if the cronies are only good at personal attacks or passing rude remarks without engaging in a decent discussion. it only reflect a lack of depth and ability to reason.

often when people do not know what people are talkig about and they themselves did not know what to say, they will launch into a personal attack at others.

abao said...

Renewal of leadership, eh...

Look at history for an insight on parties/ forces who seek to renew themselves.

Most of the time, resistance within the party to change is too great and the idea of change gets shot down quickly, or appeared to change only.

redbean said...

that's true abao. for renewal to proceed smoothly, you don't only need to have a very strong leader to push it through, the leader must also want the renewal to take place.

we have seen how the chinese successfully renewed their leadership and the older leaders gave way to younger men. and each transition the leaders got younger. their leaders are now as young as ours.

in this area lky has been instrumental in pushing it through and the older leaders make way without any resistance. after lky, would hsienloong or other leaders after him be able to do it so efficiently?

Anonymous said...

confucious is gone, dead, kicked the bucket, bitten the bullet. who gives a shit ?

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