myth 39

'Singaporeans have a good sense of humour' I think most people will agree that we need to have some humour in our life, and humour makes life that more pleasurable. And I would also think that Singaporeans too have a good sense of humour. But lately I started to change my mind. I think not everyone are equipped with a sense of humour. And the type of humour is also very important. Black humour is acceptable. Any colour of humour is ok but make sure it is not brown humour.


abao said...

Our sense of Humour only entends as far as Jack Neo's comedies, the occasional "cold jokes", and non-touchy-issues joke.

Anything even remotely referring to politics, religons, race, local events seems to be out of bounds.

redbean said...

did you hear the latest? the brownies will be changing the colour of their uniform from brown to something else: )

abao said...