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myth 33

'Political power passes from father to son' This has been a very popular myth that has been circulating in the kopitiams. And it is a myth that needs to be debunked after having been around for so long. Actually saying it is easier than done as many people, no matter how logical is the argument, will still want to believe in this myth. LKY passed the baton to Chok Tong. Who said he passed it to the son? And Chok Tong passed it to Hsien Loong. Who said Hsien Loong received it from the father? The facts are there but people just stubbornly refused to accept it as it is. Run it through a computer and the answer is absolute. Talking about the human mind. We believe what we want to believe. The next point related to this myth is the assumption that because it is father to son, so the son is not worthy but got into the position by patronage. Even this cannot hold any water. Who in the cabinet can stand shoulder to shoulder to Hsien Loong? Don't compare him with LKY. That is not a fair comparison. No one can stand shoulder to shoulder with him. Oh, yes, the only person that stood taller than Hsien Loong is Chok Tong, physically. Look at the total package, Hsien Loong still stands a head above Chok Tong, with all due respect to him. Both first class honours. This is a comparison of giants. Anyone with a second upper or lesser, please stand aside. And Hsien Loong's is a double first from Cambridge, the top university in Britain. And his military record, a general and a hero who has saved lives. This one has no comparison. Then there are the additional plus factors. Who else could have the rare opportunities of having two brilliant parents to rub shoulders with and share the genes? Who else has a wife that is equal to none, academically and in achievements? All these are added assets that only Hsien Loong has. So the son is not as good as the father? Maybe not now, but the future is there for him to create. Even if he cannot outshine the father, it is no shame as not many people worldwide can outshine him. And the realities. Since Hsien Loong took over the rein, the economy has been up and up. And unemployment is down and down. And there are so much money to give to the people. Who can do that? So there goes the myth.


Anonymous said...

The political system here is a farce. We have an absolute monarchy touched up to look like a democracy. Uniquely Singapore at its best.

redbean said...

now, now, that is not true. you went for election every 4 years right?

Anonymous said...

You blind or simply don't understand English issit ? The first poster did say 'Touched up to look like a democracy'. The elections every 4 or 5 years amounts to nothing more than that.

Anonymous said...

despot did say


redbean said...

touched up cannot change a system from absolute monarchy to democracy. unless the people also believe so. but so many people went to vote and 66.6% so happy to vote for the ruling party. so it is very difficult to argue against it.

to believe is one thing. unless there is a monarchy where there is no king and there is election for elected people's representatives. i mean i can even bend backward to try to see your point, but the facts said differently. we need proof and evidence to say a cat is a tiger.

just like mahathir said that there is no corruption. where is the proof?

Anonymous said...

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, for all intents and purposes, it is a duck. It doesn't need to actually look like a duck.