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the malaysian way!

A Singaporean was robbed after bank teller announced that he had withdrawn RM200,000. This incident happened in Johore Bahru and was reported in the New Straits Times yesterday. After cashing out his cheque and as the Singaporean man was about to leave, the teller shouted in front of 50 customers: "Sir, can you please count if you have RM200,000 before leaving the bank". And the robbers were waiting for him in the carpark, and he was robbed. Could the bank teller be so kind or silly to shout out the big amount for everyone to hear? Isn't there a standard practice that no one is to announce what the customers are doing? I think this must be a new bank and the teller is also new. Banking is also a new business in Johore Bahru. What a joke!


Anonymous said...

No, the joke is actually that goondu businessman. Imagine walking out of a bank with 200 grand in cash without any escort. It was a robbery waiting to happen. Even in supposedly safe Singapore, no one will do such a stupid thing.

redbean said...

i don't think i am being too imaginative to suspect that the teller is part of a syndicate waiting to rob bank customers.

no bank will allow a teller to announce the amount a customer is taking out or putting in to everyone. even simple common sense will not allow that.

the businessman should simply redeposit the money or ask for security escort when that incident happened.

they should have locked up the teller.

redbean said...

oh, forget to add. this is another case of stupid singaporeans who think everywhere is like home. driving jaguar and mercedes to jb, wearing rolexes, flashing cash, are asking for trouble.

Anonymous said...

that's why i always say singaporeans cannot survive outside of their tiny red cocoon. No wonder we get screwed everywhere we go to do business.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is taking 200 grand out of any bank in M'sia without any form of escort is just asking for trouble. If he is able to take out so much cash I am sure he is not that ignorant. He got only himself to be blame and the police will be very interested to find out who are robbers and maybe they might share the loot.

redbean said...

in this case we must give due credit to the malaysian police. in less than 3 hours after the robbery they were caught. kudos to the malaysian police.

and $185k were recovered from the robbers. $15k to the teller?

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read »