Magdalene or Saint John or Mona Lisa

The recent commotion about the Da Vinci Code and the controversy of Magdalene must have taken many by surprise. And all the media networks were a hive of activities trying to churn out more documentaries to satisfy the thirst for more information on the code and Magdalene of course. I chanced upon the documentary aired by Channel News Asia on the same issue and all the amazing paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci on the Last Supper. And there was this famous face of Magdalene or Saint John. Da Vinci Code sold the story that it was the face of Magdalene, Jesus trusted companion and wife. But to the believers, it was a young Saint John, a bit effeminate though. He was the only clean shaven and angelic looking guys among all the bearded men in the Last Supper painting. The documentary went further to describe the picture of Magadalene or Saint John as having a face that was similar to Mary the Virgin. There were some resemblance, but when look carefully, not really that much. What is astonishing is when I came face to face with Mona Lisa. That face, I have seen it somewhere. And when I retrieved my taped copy of the documentary and compared the two faces, I must say there is a 90% resemblance. The eyes, the mouth, the chin and that elusive smile which came through in the Last Supper as an elusive doubt. Magdalene is a replica of Mona Lisa! Go take a look at the two pics, if you can get hold of them and judge yourself.


Anonymous said...

Well, its has been said that Leonardo is abit feminine and and he like painting himself into his works. Thus you can see the familarity of many of his works, pretty much what you have pointed here.

redbean said...

oh, that bit is new to me. but really i was so amused when saw mona lisa and the picture of magdalene in the last supper.

what is puzzling is that the resemblance cannot be missed by anyone but no one wants to put the two together. talking about the objectivity of scholarship.

i strongly encourage everyone to view the two and do a comparison yourself.

Anonymous said...

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