let the butchering continues, the american way

After watching the news and seeing all the pictures of devastation and the number of people displaced, wounded or killed, I find hope. There is hope for an everlasting peace in the Middle East. The Israelis must keep on pounding Lebanon until no one and no building is standing. That is the only way the Israeli know how to solve their problem. And they are very good and efficient in the way they carry it out. Give it another six months and there will be no Lebanon. And if the problem goes over to Syria, do it the same way, methodically. And the civilised world should come together and fight with the Israelis. Then the problem will be solved even faster. The final solution, the mother of all solution, is to wipe out all the Arabs in the Middle East. Then we will have eternal peace. God bless the chosen people.


abao said...

Even though war is bad, people still start wars. People need to know that their survival is threatened before they will stop fighting.

Just like how nuclear weapons was stopped after the World was nearly destroyed in the Cuban Crisis.

redbean said...

there is war only when one party thinks that it can whack the other party to pieces. very similar to our daily lives when a bully finds the gut to beat up someone weaker or smaller.

would the israelis be so arrogant to want to teach its arab neighbours a lesson whenever they felt offended or transgressed?

all countries must equipped and armed themselves to the teeth to avoid war, to avoid being the victims of military aggression. the irony of it all is that what north korea and iran are doing is exactly what other smaller countries should do if they want to remain at peace and not be violated.

when they have the means to inflicted as devastating a pain to the potential aggressor, the aggressor will have to think very hard to attack them.

lebanon is weak, and so are all the other arab countries. and they are inviting to be hit. they better wake up and start arming themselves and build up their own armed forces. that is the only guarantee for peace and respect.

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