job loss and job gain

The civil service has brought the Finance and HR functions under one roof for greater efficiency and economy of scales. And there will be great savings in cost of up to $4.5 million a year. Where would this come from?
It is inevitable that there will be layoff and retrenchment. Look at it positively, this is a great move. People who can't fit in should be retrenched. And because of the pooling of the two functions, it will create a bigger function of two. So the responsibility at the top is bigger and there will be more value added jobs at the top.
This is the way to go, lower and less value jobs be downsized. Create more jobs at the top that pay well. More CEOs, Deputy CEOs, Asst CEOs. This upgrading of skills can be seen all the way from our toilet cleaners becoming specialists.
Given time the income of all Singaporeans will be higher than what it is now.