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japan threatens north korea, korea must strike first.

The Japanese have spoken. They are openly threatening the North Koreans of a preemptive strike at their nuclear sites. This threat is an open invitation and enough justification for the North Koreans to launch their own preemptive strike against Japan. The Japanese have adopted a very aggressive and hostile stance in the UN, insisting that the UN and the world must accept their position to take strong measures against the North Koreans. Their behaviour is a mirror image of what they did prior to their conquest of China in the 19th Century, making demands after demands on a weak and semi colonised China. They are treating the Koreans like their former colony and China like the Sick man of Asia. They challenged the right of China to veto their proposal in the UN. It was prudent that China did not fall into their trap and supported their entry into the UN Security Council. The Japanese are now not hiding anything. They are standing up on the world stage to tell the world that Japan is now a military power and will take on China and the Koreans come what may. And their preemptive strike is on the way if China could not force the North Koreans to accede to the Japanese demands. What are the two Koreans going to do in the face of a militarised Japan ready to kick their butts? I would strongly encourage the two Koreans to strike at the Japanese first as a means of defence now that the Japanese have threatened to strike them first.


abao said...

Good. A war is brewing so close, the participants being 1. Asia's Economic Powerhouse I - Japan, 2. Asia's Economic Powerhouse II - China, 3. Asia's Economic Powerhouse III - South Korea, 4. Asia's backwater country - North Korea and maybe, 5. World's Superpower - USA.

The economic fallout will be disasterous. Lots of people in South East Asia will lose their job if Japan and China clash. And if the US side with Japan, the UN is rendered useless. We can expect a return of military expansionist policies for many countries.

redbean said...

when countries possess such destructive power, war is no longer an option for rational men. only mad men will go to war, thinking that they can limit the scale of warfare by conventional means.

once started, it is back to year zero. no one is going to fight a war with one bomb at a time. and then take a break for the enemy to come back at them. it is total annihilation at one go.

Anonymous said...

The only reason North Korea is still existing is the China factor. The Chinese have been popping up the regime with food and energy aid. South Korea did the same too. They are afraid that if the regime collapses, they will be facing millions of refugees flocking to their borders.

redbean said...

you are right that china is concerned about north korea. but what is more important is that without north korea, the americans will be at the yalu river.

Anonymous said...

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